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Born into the household of two music and art lovers in Vienna, my early artistic tendencies were well nourished.

Life as an artist never crossed my mind, even though the need to create was always there. My dad often wished that those hammering noises from deep within our house were caused by my brothers finally discovering tools, instead he stumbled upon me, his youngest daughter dismantling everything I could get my hands on.   

In my early twenties, after moving to Los Angeles, the self-realization started to sink in that my urge to express myself through different materials made me an artist at heart.

​I experimented with mixed media collages early on and always expressed an interest in wanting to capture the moment with stills, as well as moving images. From the beginning on my collages have been full of symbolism and being raised across the street from a cemetery definitely had a strong impact on my art and photography.

When I met Arthur Davis III (two time world champion in acrobatics and choreographer) we decided to create KingVictoria, a creative union. This paved the way for future collaborations with several more artists around the world and underlined the importance for me of having creative minds come together to create something unique.

Designing furniture is one of my newfound interests, after having worked in the film industry in Vienna/Los Angeles for many years and witnessing the disposal of materials that could be repurposed and given life to.

In the recent years, as I have grown fonder of children's books, I felt the calling to write children's literature myself for the future generations, as well as for the child within us all, in the hopes to leave something behind that contributes to positive change.


Creative Duo KingVictoria, Los Angeles


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Culver City Art Studio

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Los Angeles Home Office

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