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Artwork by Randall Whittinghill, photographed by Maria Lowenstein

Finding inspiration in each other’s body of work, a collaboration seemed inevitable.

The majority of my works are made from mechanical, self-wound clocks that were manufactured in the late 1800’s. There’s something about the concept of time coming apart that I find incredibly alluring.

I’m fascinated by how things naturally coalesce, and how the work starts to build itself once I find something that fits. The way a structure holds itself together is one of the very honest aspects of my work.

I love the unexpected associations that “language movement” can evoke and I think people are fascinated once they experience the gap between “marionette” and “character” being filled with movement.

The work I do is really just another form of storytelling.


Randall Whittinghill

I endeavor to render each of my characters with empathy, so there’s a real innocent, imaginative exploration at play. I create these marionettes because I’m curious about people, and I use this medium as a way to communicate.

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