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In Four Acts



Drawn to the light, we discovered an odd space right next to one of the busiest and dirtiest streets in downtown Los Angeles. Painted white, this little space captured the sun perfectly, holding it hostage for a few hours a day.

Little did we know this installation happened to be part of a unique collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) featuring a piece by German-born artist Maria Nordman. 


"Untitled" (1973-) was constructed to engage the rotations of the sun and the earth from November, when it was installed, to February.

It is a drywall structure built at an angle of incidence to sunlight passing through it at a specific time and it's the entire opening of one of the back loading docks. It's not meant [to be there] for five minutes or two months," she said. "It could be permanent if they wanted to make it permanent."

Maria Nordman

Introducing three performers and a vegan chef to this unique space, the following acts show their individual interactions with it.


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Arthur R. Davis |||

Choreographer, performer and two time world champion

in acrobatics.

Lai-Si Lassalle

Samuel Wilson-Lassalle

Leslie Munoz

Musician, singer and  actress

Vegan chef

Acrobat, contorgionis and  performer

Act I

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Act II

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Act IV

"Untitled" (1973) by Maria Nordman

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